Veröffentlichung in cfi/Ber. DKG 93 (2016) No. 4-5

This work concerns the development of metal-ceramic compounds with dominating metal components referred to as Metal-Matrix-Composites (MMCs). The ceramic particles in the familiar Oxide Dispersion Strengthened alloys (ODS) are dispersed in the metallic matrix. This approach focuses, however, on he development of interpenetrating compounds with a three-dimensionally networked ceramic Phase. Finegrain powder mixtures with high metal content are produced for which no formulas for low-viscosity injection-moulding compounds previously existed. The goal is the near-net-shaped production of compounds which, in comparison to classic MIM (Metal Injection Moulding) components, are distinguished by high strength, hardness, and wear-resistance. Various mixtures of steel and aluminium oxide were processed into injectable feedstocks. A powder preparation by intensive mechanical mixing (mechanical alloying) proves essential for good bonding of the ceramic to the metallic phase. PowderInjectionMoulding (PIM) processes were able to be used to produce MMC structures with a relative density of 95 % TD at a volumetric concentration of 10 vol.-% Al2O3 in a steel matrix (1.2344).


Hier geht’s zum Download – PIM3C

Das Bild zeigt Feedstock und Bauteile aus einem Stahl/Keramik Verbundwerkstoff hergestellt via Spritzguss