After a long time, the working group meeting of the focal point “Lightweight Construction & New Materials” of the Transfer Initiative Rhineland-Palatinate could again take place in person to the delight of all. Dr. Illg, head of the focal point, welcomed the members of the working group at the FGK and reported on the activities, especially in the field of “additive manufacturing”. The goal is ultimately to offer the local 3D printing community a contact point that allows them to exchange information, present their own competencies to the outside world and specifically research possible partners for innovative project ideas. Platforms such as the Community Plattform „Additive Fertigung in Rheinland-Pfalz“  or the Plattform RLP3D were created specifically for this purpose. Finally, Dr. Emmel gave an insight into the diverse possibilities of additive manufacturing of ceramic materials in the competence center, which could be discussed excellently in person.