On July 25, training consultants from the Montabaur Employment Agency visited FGK. The group of 6 participants informed themselves at FGK about the training professions in ceramics and in particular about the test technologists ceramics trained at FGK. This profession, which has existed since August 2018 following a reorganization of the predecessor profession of materials tester chemistry, has been adapted to the new challenges of ceramics companies, service providers in the ceramics sector and raw material extraction companies. In addition to the classic materials of ceramics, there is now an additional focus on technical ceramics, as well as the related areas of glass, enamel and binder materials. Testing technologists for ceramics inspect materials along the entire value chain, from the raw material through the many different semi-finished products to the finished product. As part of their training, apprentices are taught how to use state-of-the-art testing methods. Training and continuing education in ceramics are important building blocks not only for FGK, but for all companies in the ceramic and related fields. Having well-trained employees available is one of the basic prerequisites for being able to meet the high demands placed on products and processes in the future. The participants were also given an outlook on the wide range of further education and training opportunities available after successful completion of their training, e.g. to become a ceramics technician or to study for a Master of Engineering (M.Eng.) in Ceramic Science and Engineering at Koblenz University of Applied Sciences at the WesterWaldCampus in Höhr-Grenzhausen. There was also great interest in the information that FGK also offers preparatory courses for the intermediate and final examinations of prospective testing technologists in ceramics. During the subsequent tour of FGK premises, the participants were able to gain an overview of the work of the trainee testing technologists.