Do you need a tailored ceramic component for your special application?

We would be happy to advise you on ceramics-compatible design of high-performance components for technically correct use. Together, we will analyze the intended purpose and define the special requirements of your component. Based on this, we will design the optimum production process from powder to finished part with you. During your product development activities, we will also support you in practical implementation with our extensive know-how and our technical facilities.

We provide competent consulting on:

1. Application Analysis

We analyze the application case and define a requirements profile. For wear or corrosion resistance, high heat resistance, mechanical strength, optical characteristics, or electrical functionality, we help you with the selection and development of tailored and application-specific functionalized materials.

2. Materials Design and Component Conceptual Design

Targeted materials design can be achieved through the selection of suitable raw materials in combination with the appropriate process technology. With our technological and materials science capabilities, we are the ideal partners for successfully realizing your innovative ideas in silicate ceramics and advanced ceramics, regardless of where your products will be used or which properties are needed.

3. Failure Analysis

Extensive knowledge of the material and the design guidelines does not rule out the possibility of damage to a component during application. To help you determine the cause and increase service life, we offer our numerous analytical possibilities and extensive experience to you. We help you record the cause of the damage and derive the necessary measures from the findings to achieve a lasting improvement in material, component, and system reliability.