Are you looking for a material for high-performance applications, or do you want to optimize your advanced ceramics?

We help you develop advanced ceramics for challenging applications. These materials must satisfy high demands on quality. Our wide range of knowledge and experience covers both oxide and nonoxide material systems and novel ceramic composite materials. We dedicate ourselves to realizing your innovation.

With the institute’s focus on process engineering, challenging tasks can be handled purposefully and competently. Our experienced team can efficiently handle special problems on the entire range of advanced ceramics. We offer you:

1. Materials Design

A ceramic material’s properties are essentially determined by its chemical and mineralogical composition and structure. Targeted materials design depends on the selection of suitable raw materials in combination with the appropriate process technology. With our technological and materials science capabilities, we are the ideal partners for ensuring that your innovations are implemented successfully.

2. Process Development

The quality of your ceramic products and the efficiency of your manufacturing process hinge on the process technology used. Process control through selective data collection, identification of the controlled variables, and process regulation is a key aspect. Suitable measurement methods must be selected and/or developed. With our experienced team of technicians, engineers, and materials scientists, we support you in the development and optimization of your product- and material-specific process technology from laboratory scale up to mass production.

3. Failure Analysis

Extensive knowledge of the material and the design guidelines does not rule out the possibility of damage to a component during application. To help you determine the cause and increase the service life, FGK offers numerous analytical methods as well as the advice of our experienced colleagues. Failure analysis here starts right at the materials development stage, but it is also used on established products and plays a supporting role in the suitability assessment for the later application. We help you determine the cause of the damage and derive the necessary measures from the findings to achieve a lasting improvement in material, component, and system reliability.

We offer you the necessary instruments for finding application-specific solutions and realizing your particular ideas. Long-term participation in groundbreaking projects has given us a wide base of experience, which we can apply competently everywhere along the ceramics process chain for you.