Are you searching for a novel ceramic material for your lighting or optical application?

Transparent and luminescent ceramics for optical applications must meet stringent quality requirements. We develop special optical ceramics for demanding technologies. We also concern ourselves with the development of ceramic components for photocatalytic applications.

As experienced developers of optical ceramics and photocatalytically active components, we are capable of tailoring the product properties to the optimum levels. We determine the optimum parameters along the ceramics process chain based on your aims and requirements.

1. Powder Synthesis and Preparation

If the high demands on the raw materials for optical ceramics cannot be met by commercially available powders, we develop tailor-made powders using solid-state or wet-chemical synthesis routes. For this, we work closely with experts from research and industry. Conditioning and preparation of the powders then provide the optimum basis for the subsequent ceramic processing steps.

2. Shaping and Materials Development

The component properties do not only result from the raw materials used. We have the relevant process technologies, from shaping to postdensification via hot isostatic pressing, necessary for producing a ceramic material with a pore-, defect-, and foreign phase-free microstructure. Here, we work hand in hand with the FGK working group on “Process and Applied Ceramic Technology.”

3. Substrate Development and Photocatalysis

We develop innovations in cooperative projects and support you in the characterization of photocatalytically active products with production-accompanying analysis. We offer application-oriented and standard testing of air-, water-, and self-cleaning properties of photocatalytically active products.