Are you looking for novel applications for your raw materials, or do you want to advance your product development for industrial minerals?

Selection of the correct raw materials and development of suitable raw material concepts are the key to high stability in the industrial manufacturing process and thus also to high-quality end products.

Industrial minerals are used in ceramics and nonceramics and encompass all nonmetallic inorganic raw materials. We work with both natural and synthetically manufactured raw materials and can support you in the following areas:

1. Raw Materials Research and Analysis

With a well-equipped DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025-accredited testing laboratory, FGK performs more than just basic chemical and mineralogical investigations. We also have expertise in application-oriented special analysis of the properties of raw materials that have a definite effect on processing and product characteristics but are often not listed in the product data sheets.

2. New Raw Materials Applications

Innovative applications in ceramics and nonceramics arise gradually through the development of special preparation routes and the tailoring of materials properties. With our partners in the raw materials industry, we aim to achieve the greatest possible utilization rate for raw materials, develop innovative products, and access new markets.

3. Assessment of Mineral Resources

We can help you conduct feasibility studies for the extraction of nonmetallic mineral raw materials. With our partners from the field of raw materials geology, we can offer you complete concepts for investigating and assessing your deposits as well as preliminary studies on the processability of the materials.

4. Sustainable Concepts

The recovery and securing of raw materials is one of the greatest challenges of our time. The results of our development work show that, for example, tailings from raw materials processing or waste materials from mining operations can be recovered for use. We would be happy to help you develop customized, sustainable concepts.

5. Quality Assurance

We advise you on internal quality assurance, but that’s not all. We are also interested in optimizing the interface between raw materials suppliers and raw materials users. To that end, we assist you in evaluating and creating product and safety data sheets.

Strong Partners for Your Raw Materials

Get the most out of your raw materials! We can help you solve problems related to natural inorganic nonmetallic raw materials as well as to synthetic oxide and nonoxide materials. FGK is also a competent partner for raw materials research in Bundesverband keramische Rohstoffe und Industrieminerale e.V. (BKRI), a member of the Deutsche Keramische Gesellschaft e.V. (DKG) expert committee on raw materials, and a close collaborator with KIT within the framework of the “Allianz Rohstoffforschung Ton (ART).” We continuously strive to extend our competencies so that we can offer our customers solutions for a successful future.