Do you want to optimize your products or lower production costs?

We apply our competence and comprehensive technical resources to your questions. We provide you with advice on all tasks for silicate ceramics – from evaluation of raw materials to process engineering and optimization. You profit from the extensive practical experience of our colleagues and our close contact to the ceramic industry and its associations. We can also serve as your partner in development projects.

We offer you:

1. Practical, Targeted Mass Development

We work on your production-related problems, for example, for reducing costs through the use of secondary raw materials without compromising product quality. Increasing economic pressures and technical demands have also made the use of process additives more attractive. Backed by our extensive knowledge in the rheological characterization of ceramic slurries and masses, we provide support in the development of your working masses or feedstocks, along with lab tests in our pilot facilities.

2. Development of Glazes and Coating Systems

The design variations found in the structural ceramic industry call for high-quality and defect-free glaze and engobe systems. However, now and then opacification, streaks, efflorescence or other defects occur at the interfaces and lastingly impact buyers’ confidence in the ceramic product. Supported by our testing laboratory, we get to the bottom of defects and help you extend your product portfolio. Research results, e.g., on the topic of glaze defects, especially bubble formation and growth, are applied towards solving your problem.

3. Investigation of Product Durability

Even the most modern of products are not immune to deformation or frost damage. However, the exact cause of damage can be hidden. Ceramic products are subject to aging, the effects of which only become apparent after several months or years and lead to complaints. These effects have proven to include frost damage, signs of deformation, and damage due to soluble salts. We have made it our task to identify the deficits in ceramic products using innovative testing methods such as low-temperature dilatometry and thereby increase the value of your ceramic material.

4. Customized Testing Methods

Do you need an individualized quality control system for your product? We develop validated tailored testing methods for your process. The findings from our R&D department are used in the qualification of ceramic products and the evaluation of defect patterns. In our testing laboratory, we perform comprehensive product assessments using common standard testing methods as well as other methods. We also develop testing methods. For example, our extensive characterization of the slip resistance and cleaning behavior of tile surfaces goes beyond the scope of standard testing methods and is now the state of the art for us.