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DTTG-Workshop 2023

Successful international 2023 DTTG-Workshop “Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis of Clays and Clay Minerals” in Hoehr-Grenzhausen

The 10th DTTG-Workshop held from September 11 to 15 in Hoehr-Grenzhausen and organized by the WesterWaldCampus of the University of Applied Science Koblenz and the Research Institute for Glass and Ceramics (FGK), once again offered an international group of participants from university and research institutes the opportunity to interact with renowned scientific experts in the field of clay science. The intensive program with a wide range of exciting lectures on the fundamentals, analytical possibilities, and industrial applications of clay mineralogy, combined with practical analytical exercises, as well as the unique opportunity for networking, met a very positive response from all participants. A visit to the Westerwald Museum, where participants were given the opportunity to present their work in a poster session and get feedback from the experts, and a workshop dinner completed the event. The next workshop will be held in 2025, the place yet to be announced.

The participants of the 2023 workshop (missing in the picture are Christoph Piribauer and Johannes Kehren, lecturers, and Sinje Zimmer, analytical expert)
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